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Despite our globalized environment, it has never been so complicated to settle or come to work in Switzerland.

Faced with a restrictive administration and a strong political movement, foreigners are finding assertion of their rights with respect to immigration increasingly complicated and fraught with uncertainty.

For an individual who wants to settle in Switzerland, or for a company that wants to move here, questions abound: Permit B or C ? Residence Conditions ? Asylum ? Family Reunification ? Work Permit ? Naturalization ? Flat-rate Taxation? Customs Procedure ? Importations of goods ?

Resolve these problems with a lawyer ? Some hesitate to even think about it !

And yet...


...simple solutions exist

Resolution of issues related to the rights of foreigners -- also referred to as rights with respect to immigration -- is essential for daily life, and may have a profound impact on the future of individuals or businesses. But knowing one’s rights and trying to assert them effectively can be a real struggle through the obstacle course that constitutes the closed and self-contained world of law. However, it is often the case that a frustratingly long procedure can be avoided by getting sound advice and taking the right path from the outset. Unfavourable procedures and other legal impediments are too often born of misunderstandings or ignorance of the legal system. Consultation with a lawyer opens a constructive dialogue that can lead to astute advice and an expeditious finding of appropriate solutions

If one finds oneself in an impasse, or in the event of adverse decisions rendered by cantonal and/or federal authorities, recourse to a specialized and experienced lawyer enables protection of one’s rights in an efficient and thoroughly legitimate way. In such situations, it is imperative that one has a combative and committed lawyer on whom one can rely, for the path of the law can sometimes be long and full of obstacles.

...what to do ?

Take the leap. Make an appointment. Do not wait to find yourself in a disintegrating – perhaps irreparable -- situation. Simple steps often can be sufficient to quickly find an appropriate solution. Contrary to the received wisdom, the assistance of a lawyer saves time and money

In a complicated situation, your defense and your ability to assert your rights are crucial. You must be able to count on a lawyer who is readily available, skilled and combative. In view of the impact that a dispute regarding the rights of foreigners may have on daily life as well as on the financial future, a personalized and appropriate strategy formulated with a lawyer is essential.

...why us ?

Trained at the Universities of Lausanne, Saint-Gall and Geneva Mr. Matthieu Genillod has long been engaged in the defence of foreigners and in the practise of immigration law. He has successfully taken legal disputes up to the Federal Court. He practises this particular area of law with rigour and sensitivity. Mr. Genillod and his collaborators are committed to the fundamental importance of ongoing training and keep themselves continuously informed regarding changes in the legislation.

A member of the Vaud Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association, Mr. Genillod provides representation and counsel in foreign law and immigration law to individuals, and to businesses ranging from small/medium sized companies to international enterprises. In that context, he also offers his customers his expertise in business and corporate law (MBL / LL.M. in Business Law) and his experience in the legal department of a large Media Group. He advocates personalized, global and multi-disciplinary approach to issues of immigration law. Almost daily, Mr. Genillod and his collaborators argue cases with conviction before communal, cantonal (Vaud population department) and federal (State Secretariat for migrations) agencies, as well as before specialized courts (Vaud cantonal administrative and public court, federal administrative court and federal court).

Mr. Matthieu Genillod practises law at the Alphalex Avocats SA firm, of which he is the founder and managing partner. Hence, he can count on the collaboration of lawyers experienced in foreign law, as well as an efficient structure for expeditiously responding to a great variety of situations with total commitment

He also has the support of a large network of professionals (law firms abroad, experts, fiduciaries, tax advisers, relocation services, physicians, etc.). Devoted to his profession, Mr. Genillod teaches in several institutions in French speaking Switzerland and is a member of numerous professional associations.

...a few important links

·   Vaud Population Department / SPOP

·  Live and reside in Switzerland, site of the Confederation

·   State Secretariat in Berne

·  Cantonal administrative and public court of Vaud, CDAP

·   Federal Court in Lausanne

...where to find us?

Every day of the week at ALPHALEX AVOCATS SA.

Av. du Tribunal-Fédéral 1
1005 Lausanne
T 021 512 44 47


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Av. de la Gare 23-25
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...to get in touch with us

You may contact us by telephone at 021 512 44 47 or by e-mail.

Avocat-etranger.ch is not legal permanence. Matthieu Genillod and his associates Mathias Micsiz, Matthieu Briguet and Stéphanie Zaganescu, lawyers who are members of OAV / FSA, work in the law firm ALPHALEX AVOCATS SA.

For any general legal question or information on the judicial organization, you are invited to consult the website of the Vaud Judicial Order or that of the Vaud Bar Association (OAV).